Friday, June 19, 2009

Guest ranches, dude ranches and resorts

After starting to develop The Lewis and Clark Trail Road Trip Planner, I quickly realized that an arbitrary rule was needed to decide which points of interest could be included. I wanted the maps to show anything along the trail that looked interesting, but what is "on the trail" and what isn't? I decided to include anything within a distance of twenty miles from the line drawn to represent the trail.

I found a small number of guest ranches, dude ranches and assorted resorts along the way, and you probably won't be surprised to see that most of them are in Montana. This is just a list showing who they are and what town they're in. The links will bring up a Google Map displaying their location and contact information, and give you a brief description of what the place has to offer.

As you go down the list, the ranches are ordered from east to west, which might help you guess where in Montana some of those ranches are.

Badlands Trail Rides and Eastview Campground Killdeer, ND

Montana River Ranch Bainville, MT

Hawley Mountain Guest Ranch McLeod, MT

Lone Mountain Ranch Big Sky, MT

Madison Valley Ranch Ennis, MT

Five Rivers Lodge Dillon, MT

The Alta Ranch Darby, MT

Lolo Hot Springs Lolo, MT

Mt Adams Lodge at the The Flying L Ranch Glenwood, Klickitat, WA

Eagles Nest Resort Ilwaco, WA

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