Friday, June 5, 2009

Waubonsie State Park in Iowa

Waubonsie State Park is located in the Loess Hills, a landform found in only two places in the world: Along the Missouri River in Iowa and Missouri, and in Shaanxi, China. The Loess Hills are the product of sand, silt and clay sediments which were carried by winds and deposited when these winds encountered steep hill slopes. This type of soil is known colloquially as "sugar clay" because it can be extremely hard when dry, but loses all cohesion when wet. The depth of this drift layer is often greater than ninety feet.

Waubonsie State Park contains seven miles of foot trails and eight miles of equestrian trails winding along windswept ridges down into gorges and valleys. The Sunset Ridge Interpretive Trail provides the visitor with a chance to learn about the park's plants and trees, as well as enjoy some spectacular views. The park holds 40 campsites, 24 of which have electrical hookups. The equestrian campground contains 32 campsites.

IA DNR: State Parks,Waubonsie State Park
2585 Waubonsie Park Road
Hamburg, IA 51640

On Google Maps
Waubonsie State Park

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